Hello! This is my writing blog, where I mostly post original stuff but on some occasions fanfic will pop up. Most of the stuff here will probably be of the urban fantasy or supernatural genres.

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  1. Fandom: Fire Emblem: Awakening

    MORE FE: A FANFIC FROM ME… I’M SO SORRY… light lon’qu/robin this time for reasons


    Falling in love (and eventually proposing, which somehow took even more courage than he’d ever needed in his entire life) was one thing; getting over his longtime phobia was completely different.

    Lon’qu did his best to improve. He held his future wife, sometimes kissed her – all in the quiet and comfort of their own tents, of course. He was often glad that Robin, as the army’s head tactician, had one all to herself so she could work without distraction.

    That being said – he thought he was getting better. Thought, until the day he came back from a particularly difficult battle, covered in scratches and blood and sweat. The camp was bustling with activity – healers at work, others rushing to find medical salves, Chrom shouting commands and trying to bring back order. Lon’qu, although injured, wasn’t in mortal danger and passed quietly through the chaos.

    And something suddenly latched around his middle.

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  2. Fandom: Fire Emblem: Awakening

    MORE LUCINA/MORGAN… sadder this time tho… also endgame spoilers


    "I should disappear."

    It was a thought that had plagued her for too long. It kept her up at night, wondering – where was her place in this timeline, really? She had none, when she thought about it. A Lucina – who was born here, was being raised here, had two parents and an entire nation who desperately loved her – already existed.

    Lucina’s own timeline was gone, ravaged and destroyed by Grima. She had no place there either. In this time she was merely an extra who didn’t belong.

    "I should disappear," she said again.

    "Whaddya mean?"

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  3. Fandom: Fire Emblem: Awakening

    the product of being up at 2am and watching Morgan and Lucina’s s-support too many times ┐(´-`)┌  GOD those two are so cute, though


    Being the army’s head tactician usually meant that Robin heard most of the camp gossip first. It made her day more interesting: who was thinking of proposing to whom? Was Vaike challenging another poor soul to a duel today? Did Miriel fill Lon’qu’s tent with statues of naked women again? And so on, and so forth. With a force as big as theirs, there was certainly no shortage of news.

    What she hated, however, was when she wound up being part of that gossip. This happened one particularly gloomy evening, when Chrom came storming into her tent.

    "Did you know," he started before she could say anything, "that your son is in love with my daughter?”

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  4. Title: To the Victor Go the Spoils, Chapter 2
    Fandom: Assassin’s Creed III
    previous chapter

    It’s been so long since I last played the first episode of TOKW, for some reason I thought that Connor didn’t get his wolf hood until after the first Sky World journey and wrote Haytham getting the wolf cape after his… Hopefully that’s not too bad of a mistake, haha………….


    The Best Laid Plans

    The more worrisome effects of the tea had worn off by the time Haytham returned to the village. He was feeling less tired then and more…well, powerful. He felt taller, stronger, like he could simply touch something and it would break to a thousand pieces.

    He liked this feeling. Liked it a lot. But how long would it last? Was it simply one of the aftereffects, like the weakness and nausea he’d felt earlier? Would it all fade away just as quickly?

    He sincerely hoped not.

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  5. Title: To the Victor Go the Spoils, Chapter 1
     Assassin’s Creed III

    I’ve had a few tokw ideas for a while (another involves the connor that may have existed before canon timeline connor appeared), but mongoliantiger's wonderful tokw!haytham art inspired a plot idea (and has been pulling me out of this awful writing slump, yay!!). I plan on making this multichap, so!! should hopefully be exciting 


    Wolf Pack

    Haytham woke to the intermingling tastes of bitter tea and bile on his tongue.

    He tried to push himself to a sitting position – slowly, slowly, because his body felt weak and worn down. His cup was still lying beside him, shattered to a hundred pieces. A pool of red – that blasted tea – surrounded it.

    Haytham put a hand to his clammy forehead. And then the bunch of thick fur around his neck; a cape? How had that gotten there? He lifted it closer to his face and realized that its coloring resembled…

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  6. a continuation of this:


    Seb found himself feeling significantly better after a shower and a few hours of sleep. He woke after the sun had set, swallowed one of the pills from the bottle he kept in his pocket, and met Isaac out on the sidewalk. His friend stamped out his cigarette and clapped him on the back.

    “Feeling better? You’re looking better.”

    “Mhm.” Seb ran a hand through his just-washed hair. “You said you had some…friends you wanted me to meet?”

    “Yeah. Come on. I’ll drive you.”

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  7. Fandom: Assassin’s Creed III

    there isn’t really much to this… I’ve been in a wicked awful writing slump lately and just wanted to write something short and easy. so haytham and ziio it is…!


    Sometimes it was the little things Ziio did that surprised him. She was never one for outright affection – and, to be honest, neither was he – but every once in a while she might put a hand on the crook of his arm while she spoke, or gently put her fingers over his while she showed him how to butcher a rabbit. Haytham found himself feeling less like the Grand Master of the entire Colonial Order – poised, refined, ready for action – and more…he almost hated to admit it, but infatuated.

    Perhaps this was only the honeymoon period. Perhaps it would fade away. But there was something different about Ziio, something that compelled him to ride out into the depths of the frontier – despite the snow, the biting cold, and all of the other things that would have usually deterred him – every few weeks. He didn’t even like living out in the woods – but Ziio made it bearable. Preferable, even. The winter’s bite didn’t bother him so much if he was lying beside Ziio while she slept fitfully beside him.

    She did, however, have her moments.

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  8. "I just wanted to let you know I stayed up pretty much all night because I couldn't stop reading "Father and Son" and I LOVED it, it was brilliant!"


    Oh awesome, I’m glad you liked it! :D I hope I didn’t hurt your sleep schedule too much though!

  9. pocketcucco:

“Honestly, bringing you out for groceries is like bringing a child.”
I haven’t played ToV, but I hope this is sufficient.

ART BASED ON MY SILLY FANFIC…this is too canon… bless you dear friend squids, you are the best!! it has been a good day for me


    “Honestly, bringing you out for groceries is like bringing a child.”

    I haven’t played ToV, but I hope this is sufficient.

    ART BASED ON MY SILLY FANFIC…this is too canon… bless you dear friend squids, you are the best!! it has been a good day for me

  10. "I just wanted to tell you how much I love your AC 3 stories ! They're the best and you're so in character that's amazing ! Thank you so much for them !"

    ― Anonymous

    Oh gosh, thanks so much! :) The ac3 stories have been some of my absolute favorites to write and I’m glad you folks are enjoying them! 

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